Zombieverse: The new reality show from Netflix puts the participants in a real zombie apocalypse

The new reality TV series from Netflix, Zombie Versegives contestants a chance to see if they could actually survive a real zombie apocalypse.

Netflix has released the first trailer for Zombieverse, a new reality series set in Seoul, South Korea. In the trailer, multiple participants work together to survive a zombie apocalypse by finding food, building shelters, and more. If one of the participants is “bitten” by one of the many actors portraying a zombie, he must leave the game immediately.

Watch the Zombieverse trailer below:


The official description of Zombieverse reads: “In Seoul, where a zombie virus outbreak has run amok, in the face of challenging quests, who will outwit the undead and get out alive?”

Accordingly meetingZombieverse contestants include actors Lee Si-young (Sweet Home, The Birth of the Rich) and Kim Jin-young (Single’s Inferno), comedian Park Na-rae, rapper DinDin, baseball player Yoo Hee-kwan and more. The show is produced by Park Jin-kyung and Moon Sang-don.

Zombieverse isn’t the first zombie apocalypse reality television series

Released in 2015, I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse was a reality TV game series that aired on BBC Three. Using a premise similar to Zombieverse, I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse saw a handful of contestants try to survive for a week in a mall that had been overrun by zombies. During these seven days, in addition to finding shelter and surviving, the participants must also complete various tasks given to them by the army. The series only lasted one season, which consisted of eight episodes.

In Reality Z, which began airing on Netflix in 2020, players also try to survive a zombie outbreak while hiding in a television studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Additionally,

Zombieverse will officially premiere on Netflix on August 8, 2023.