Yu Yu Hakusho Teaser Trailer Previews Netflix Live-Action Series

The Yu Yu Hakusho teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming live-action adaptation. The Netflix series will premiere worldwide on December 14. The production worked with Scanline VFX to give “life to all the characters, both human and yokai (spirits), while delivering realistic battle action sequences.”

Check out the Yu Yu Hakusho teaser trailer below (watch more trailers):


What do we know about the live-action Yu Yu Hakusho?

Yu Yu Hakusho is based on the manga series of the same name by Yoshihiro Togashi. The manga was previously adapted into an anime series, which originally aired in Japan from 1992 to 1994. An English dub aired from 2002 to 2006.

Netflix announced a live-action adaptation of Togashi’s manga in late 2020. The series is directed by Shō Tsukikawa and written by Tatsurō Mishima alongside Togashi. In addition to Kitamura as Yusuke, it stars Shuhei Uesugi as Kazuma Kuwabara, Jun Shison as Kurama, and Kanata Hongō as Hiei.

Yu Yu Hakusho centers on Yusuke, a teenage delinquent who can usually be found getting into street fights. Things take a turn when Yusuke is struck and killed by a car after pushing a young child out of its path. Yusuke is subsequently resurrected as an “Underworld Detective.” He is tasked with investigating supernatural activity within the land of the living. Along the way, he gets some help from unlikely allies Kazuma, Kurama, and Hiei.