“Yellowstone” almost starred on HBO with Robert Redford

Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan revealed this Robert Redford almost played Kevin Costner’s role as John Dutton.

Was Robert Redford originally supposed to play in Yellowstone?

In a feature by The Hollywood Reporter, Sheridan recounted the experience trying to get the green light for Yellowstone on HBO before Paramount snapped it up. He was told to get Robert Redford, which led to an odd misunderstanding.

“They said, ‘We want Robert Redford,'” Sheridan explained. “They said, ‘If you can get us Robert Redford, we’ll give the pilot the green light’ … I go to Sundance and spend the day with him and he agrees to play John Dutton. I call the Senior Vice President of Production and I say, “I got him!” “You got who?” “Robert Redford.” ‘What?!’ “You said if I got Robert Redford you would greenlight the show.” And he says – and you can’t make that up – ‘We meant a Robert Redford guy.'”

After a crisis meeting where some comments were made about the show’s “Central American” feel and the character of Beth, Sheridan decided not to work with HBO.

“We’re going to some fancy place in West LA for lunch,” Sheridan said. “And finally[Yellowstone co-creator]John Linson asks, ‘Why don’t you want to do it?’ And the VP says, “Look, it just feels so Central American.” We’re HBO, we’re avant-garde, we’re trendsetters. That feels like a step backwards. And honestly, I have to be honest, I don’t think anyone out there (in rural Montana) should live. “It should be a park or something.”

Following Kevin Costner’s shock departure, Paramount Network announced that “Yellowstone” will be ending after Season 5. The series is currently on inter-season break and the remaining six episodes are scheduled for release in November 2023. However, a sequel to Yellowstone has been confirmed as being in development.

“The series follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States,” reads the synopsis. “Amid shifting alliances, unsolved murders, open wounds, and hard-won respect, the ranch is in constant conflict with those it borders—a growing city, an Indian reservation, and America’s first national park.”

Yellowstone was founded by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. It includes Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Brecken Merrill, Jefferson White, Forrie Smith, Denim Richards, Ian Bohen, Finn Little, Ryan Bingham, Gil Birmingham, Jen Landon and Kathryn Kelly see .