Who Did Naruto Uzumaki Kill?

It is, however, argued that Pain carries Yūra’s blood on his hands. But, typically speaking, Naruto threw the final blow. This makes Yūra the only character in the canon that Naruto happens to kill.

How did Naruto Uzumaki kill Yura?

That being said, one must not assume that Naruto is incapable of eliminating enemies who pose a threat to him or his clan. Neither is he unwilling to do so. It is not immediately evident who his victims are within the canon. But, fans argue that he has killed people outside of the canon. Characters like Haido, Aoi Rokushō, Fūka, and, of course, Yūra, are among those who have experienced Naruto’s final blow. However, since only Yūra is from the canon, this remains a subject of debate. Remarkably, fans have continued to express their enthusiasm for this topic even years after the last episode of Naruto.