What If…? Season 2 Adds Reservation Dogs Star as New MCU Hero Kahhori

According to Toonado.com, Reservation Dogs alum Devery Jacobs has been tapped to join the voice cast of Disney+’s What If…? Season 2. Jacobs will officially be voicing the role of Kahhori, a young Native American woman who will be Marvel Studios’ first ever original superhero created for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like Jacobs, Kahhori is also part of the Mohawk people.

Before Jacobs’ casting in What If…? Season 2, it was previously confirmed that Jacobs had joined the upcoming Hawkeye spinoff series Echo, in which she will play the role of Maya Lopez’s childhood friend Bonnie. At the moment, it’s currently unclear if Kahhori and Bonnie are the same characters, or if Jacobs is set to play two different MCU characters.

Kahhori’s Role in What If…? Season 2

Kahhori will officially be introduced in one of the nine episodes of What If…? Season 2, titled “What If…Kahhori Reshaped the World?” written by Ryan Little. The story will take place in an alternate history, where the Tesseract was discovered by 17th century Haudenosaunee Confederacy tribe members instead of Europeans.

“What would happen if the Tesseract fell to Earth and landed in the sovereign Haudenosaunee Confederacy before the colonization of America,” reads the logline for the Kahhori-centered episode. “The Tesseract takes on a new life and a new mythology, transforming a lake into a gateway to the stars and leading Kahhori, a young Mohawk woman, on a quest to discover her power.”

What If…? hails from head writer AC Bradley and director Bryan Andrew, who are both serving as executive producers. While Season 1 covered events from the Infinity Saga, Season 2 is expected to adapt stories and feature characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4. The series is led by Jeffrey Wright as the voice of The Watcher. Season 2 will also feature the voices of returning MCU stars, including Hayley Atwell, Cate Blanchett, Jon Favreau, Elizabeth Olsen, Josh Brolin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kat Dennings, Michael Douglas, Idris Elba, Karen Gillan, Seth Green, Frank Grillo, Jeff Goldblum, Laurence Fishburne, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and more.

The first episode of What If…? Season 2 is now available on Disney+. A new episode will drop everyday until Dec. 30.