Victoria’s Secret World Tour Sets Prime Video Streaming Date

As part of Amazon’s ongoing collaboration with the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret, Prime Video will premiere The Victoria’s Secret World Tour special on September 26.

Described as “part fashion event, part documentary,” the revamped event — an annual fashion show that last aired in 2018 — aims to highlight the talents of 20 global creatives responsible for bringing eye-catching designs on stage, alongside iconic custom Victoria’s Secret creations.

The feature-length fashion show documentary will feature behind-the-scenes clips of the VS20 — a creative team consisting of The House of Tokyo, Lagos, Bogotá, and London — during the creation of The Tour. 

The re-imagined fashion show comes after the 2019 cancellation announcement, following the lack of diversity controversy on its runways. Former Victoria’s Secret CEO Leslie Wexner was also embroiled in a scandal over his alleged connection with Jeffrey Epstein, an accused sex trafficker.

Intending to re-imagine the clothing line’s brand, Victoria’s Secret EVP and head creative director Raúl Martinez said that the upcoming documentary film will serve as “the ultimate expression of the Victoria’s Secret brand transformation.”

“It will be driven by fashion, glamour, and entertainment with a nod to beloved iconography from the past but in a bold, redefined way. We are so honored to offer our platform and have it explored through the lens and artistry of global creatives who celebrate the individuality of women’s stories and perspectives,” he said in a press release. 


Meet the VS20

The House of Tokyo consists of Jenny Fax, Umi Ishihara, Aoi Yamada, Kaito Itsuki, and Kom-I. On the other hand, Bubu Ogisi, Korty, Eloghosa Osunder, Ashley Okoli, and Wavy The Creator complete the House of Lagos.

The House of Bogotá, moreover, includes Melissa Valdes, Cristina Sánchez Salamanca, Lorena Torres, Piscis, and Goyo. Finally, The House of London consists of Supriya Lele, Margot Bowman, Ebun Sodipo, Michaela Stark, and Phoebe Collings. 

All VS20 creatives are responsible for their respective designations, including fashion designing, filmmaking, painting, body artistry, choreography, music, and writing.