Untold Volume 3 Trailer Shows Jake Paul in Netflix Sports Documentaries

A new Volume 3 Untold trailer was released for the Netflix sports documentaries, with the new trailer starring Jake Paul, Johnny Manziel and more.

The four episodes of Untold Volume 3 will be streaming weekly on Netflix in August, with the first episode – Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child – coming out on August 1st. The full schedule is as follows:

  • August 1 – Untold: Jake Paul, the problem child
  • August 8 – Untold: Johnny Football
  • August 15 – Untold: Hall of Shame
  • August 22 – Untold: Swamp Kings

Check out the Untold Volume 3 trailer under:


What does Untold Volume 3 cover?

“The critically acclaimed documentary series Untold returns with Volume 3, a four-week summer event unveiling epic tales from the wide (and wild) world of esports,” reads the new season synopsis. “From boxing to football to doping scandals, these new stories go well beyond the headlines and turn what we thought we knew on its head. Premiering weekly, each character-driven story is drawn from honest, intimate first-person narratives of those who experienced them – to reveal the bravery, resilience, heartache, triumph, and even humor that lies behind the sweat.

“Jake Paul gets up close and personal as he tries to rise above the YouTube star and revolutionize the fighting world. Hailed as “Johnny Football,” the Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel burns bright until he fails under pressure. Victor Conte and Balco weave a dark web that draws elite athletes into a steroid controversy. And the story of the Florida Gators’ breathtaking rise and fall in college football from 2005 to 2010 — starring coach Urban Meyer and star players like Tim Tebow, Brandon Siler and Brandon Spikes — is finally being told in the authoritative document on what really happened. Directed by Andrew Renzi, Ryan Duffy, Bryan Storkel and Katharine English.”

Untold Volume 3 is directed by Andrew Renzi, Ryan Duffy, Bryan Storkel and Katharine English. Executive Producers are Chapman Way, Maclain Way, Ben Silverman, Howard T. Owens, Isabel San Vargas for Propagate, Ryan Duffy, Doug Banker, Mike Seander, Louise Norman and Tom Sheahan for RAW.