True Crime, True Faith: Amazon MGM Studios Nabs TV Rights to Vanity Fair Story

According to Deadline, Amazon MGM Studios has successfully won the bidding war for the rights to Julie Miller’s Vanity Fair article titled “True Crime, True Faith: The Serial Killer and the Texas Mom Who Stopped Him.” Further details about the project are still being kept under wraps, but the studio is planning to develop True Crime, True Faith into a series.

What is True Crime, True Faith?

The True Crime, True Faith article was published in Vanity Fair’s September Issue by Miller, who tells the story of Margy Palm, a religious Texas woman who escaped getting killed by serial killer Stephen Morin after she somehow found a way to form a friendship with her abductor.

On December 11, 1981, after shopping for Christmas gifts at Kmart, Palm was kidnapped by Morin. During the eight hours of her abduction, Palm was able to have a meaningful conversation with Morin about faith, which led her to win her freedom back. After Morin was arrested, Palm continued their friendship by visiting him multiple times in prison before he was executed in 1985.

Before the Amazon MGM Studios acquisition deal, The Hollywood Reporter brings words that Palm was actually approached by multiple producers and authors in the past to convince her to adapt her unique story. However, she decided to turn them all down since she wasn’t ready to tell the public about her full story.