Top Makoto Shinkai Movies: Weathering With You, Your Name, and More

Suzume premiered on Crunchyroll and has a mythological air around its story – a story that is filled with a lot of adventures and fantasy! The narrative revolves around Suzume Iwato, who, through a twist of fate, encounters Souta Munakata. Souta is a young man who explores abandoned places. Curiosity leads Suzume to a mysterious ruin, where she stumbles upon a door to a dreamlike universe that she can observe but not enter. 

Weathering With You (2019)

Their destinies collide when Hodaka rescues Hina from troubles and prompts them to escape together. Hodaka is stunned as Hina unveils her remarkable ability to summon sunshine through prayer. He envisions her as a “sunshine girl” to clear the gloomy skies for others. However, the duo soon realizes that every power comes with consequences and that they would have to pay a hefty price.