Top Anime 2023 Based on IMDb Rating: Oshi no Ko, Heavenly Delusion & More

The story follows the life of Gabimaru, an infamous ninja assassin who can withstand immense pain and physical damage. He is relieved from execution on the condition that Gabimaru must find a magical elixir of eternal life on a dangerous exotic island known as Shinsenkyo. The series’ setting is plain, and the starting is a bit slow, but it’s undoubtedly an enjoyable ride.

1. Oshi No Ko – IMDb Rating 8.4

Oshi no Ko is a huge name in the industry this year. A popular anime, it is the adaptation of the manga by Aka Akasaka, the author behind Kaguya-sama. The story seems light-hearted at first glance, but it delves deeper into an emotionally complex story that will surely entice the viewers. The series’ protagonist is an idol, Ai Hoshino, who harbors a deep secret within her. A secret such that even all the fame and money in the world might not save Ai from catastrophe.