Tiger Shark attacked Netflix crew on David Attenborough’s documentary

The crew of the current Netflix series David Attenborough documentary series Our planet II were attacked by tiger sharks during filming of the series.

Hungry tiger sharks prevented any footage from being taken

In a recent interview with The IndependentDirector Toby Nowlan detailed how the team had some unusual encounters with the sharks while filming underwater whales near Laysan, an island in northwestern Hawaii. According to Nowlan, a group of tiger sharks attacked their inflatable boat, drilling holes in it and forcing them to flee.

“This ‘V’ of water was rushing towards us and this tiger shark jumped onto the boat and bit huge holes in it. “The whole boat exploded,” Nowlan said. “We tried to get rid of it, but it didn’t do any good. It was terrible. This was the second shark that attacked us that day.”

Nowlan called the behavior “extremely unusual” and ultimately attributed it to the sharks looking “incredibly hungry,” he said.

“They were incredibly hungry, so maybe there wasn’t enough natural food and they just tried whatever they could find in the water,” Nowlan said.

Producer Huw Cordey also confirmed the story, saying that “it was like something out of Jaws” and that “the crew panicked and basically did an emergency landing in the sand.” Cordey noted that the original idea was to try some To take pictures of tiger sharks, but the sharks didn’t want to and couldn’t take pictures.

Our Planet II premiered on Netflix on June 14, 2023 and is available to watch now on the streaming platform.