The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 Blu-ray release date announced

The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 gets a Blu-ray release date as the Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan spin-off will be available starting Tuesday. 12th September. The release, which comes from AMC’s RLJ Entertainment, is now pending preorder.

Accordingly comic bookThe Blu-ray is a two-disc set containing all six episodes of The Walking Dead: Dead City season one. As for the bonus features, the Blu-ray includes a 35-minute feature called The Walking Dead: Dead City Live From WonderCon. The focus is on showrunner Eli Jornè, who talks about the series along with Cohan (Maggie) and Gaius Charles (Perlie Armstrong).

What you should know about The Walking Dead: Dead City

According to the synopsis, the AMC show finds Maggie and Negan (Morgan) in a “post-apocalyptic Manhattan long cut off from the mainland.” The crumbling city is filled with the dead and residents who have made New York City their own world of anarchy, danger, beauty and terror.” The first six episodes explore whether the main characters can trust each other given their complicated history as they try to save Maggie’s son, Hershel.

The spin-off cast includes Cohan, Morgan and Charles Zeljko Ivanek, Mahina Napoleon, Jonathan Higginbotham, Karina Ortiz and Logan Kim as Maggie’s son Hershel.

The series is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard and is executive produced by Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, Greg Nicotero, David Alpert, Joseph Incaprera, Gale Anne Hurd, Denise Huth and Angela Kang.