“The Silent Tenant: Blumhouse TV Acquires Rights to Psychological Thriller Novel”

Accordingly meeting, Blumhouse television has successfully acquired the rights to Clémence Michallon’s psychological thriller novel titled The silent tenant. The outlet notes that the recently released novel is currently in development for streaming release, either as a limited series or as a film.

“I read Clémence’s novel in one sitting and was captivated. “The story has all the elements of a great film adaptation,” Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum said in a statement.

What is “The Silent Tenant” about?

As Michallon’s debut novel, The Quiet Tenant centers around the story of a serial killer told from the perspective of three female characters closest to him, including his 13-year-old daughter Cecilia, his girlfriend Emily, and the latest captured victim, Rachel. The project is being executive produced by Michallon.

The official synopsis of the book reads: “Aidan Thomas is a hard working family man and quite a popular character in the small upstate town where he lives. He’s the kind of guy who always lends a hand and has a good word for everyone. But Aidan has a dark secret that he keeps from everyone in town and those closest to him. He’s a kidnapper and serial killer. Aidan has murdered eight women and has a ninth marked for death: Rachel, locked in a backyard shed for fear of her life.

“When Aidan’s wife dies, he and his 13-year-old daughter Cecilia have to move. Aidan has no choice but to bring Rachel and introduce her to Cecilia as a “family friend” who needs a place to stay. Aidan bets that after five years in captivity, Rachel was too brainwashed and scared to escape. But Rachel is a fighter and a survivor, and realizes that Cecilia may be the lifeline she’s been waiting for all these years. As Rachel explores the boundaries of her new life situation, she begins to form a tenuous bond with Cecilia. And when Emily, a local restaurant owner, falls in love with the handsome widower, she falls under the spell of Rachel and Cecilia and comes perilously close to discovering Aidan’s secret.”