The Legend of Zelda Movie Update After Illumination Denies Involvement

Illumination has denied any involvement in it The Legend of Zelda Movie.

Illumination has denied any involvement in it The Legend of Zelda Movie.

Jeff Sneider recently reported that Universal Pictures is in the process of signing an animated film adaptation of the Nintendo video game. However, in a new episode of The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John RochaHe said: “We concluded that it would be Illumination who made this film because of the success they had with Mario, but Illumination is not involved – first of all, nobody is involved until Universal gets the rights, and that it’s what I reported last week that Universal did the deal.”

“I don’t know where that came from” said Chris Melladri, Founder and CEO of Illumination. “I mean, I can understand people suspecting all sorts of things, because of course we’ve had a great experience working together. My relationship with Nintendo now includes being a board member, so I understand how people can assume such things. But as for the details, I just heard a lot of reports about it. This is about the next steps between Nintendo and Illumination.”

Is The Legend Of Zelda Movie Taking Place?

It’s likely that the film will still be released under Universal, but they haven’t signed a deal with Illumination.

“The news said Universal was making a Zelda movie,” Sneider said. “You get the rights to it. And Universal didn’t call me… I’d like to think that my relationship with Universal is good enough. I kept them informed of the story for 24 hours. Nobody had a problem with that. So, I understand these are high-level discussions going on between Universal and Nintendo, but I’m telling you, these two are in negotiations for Zelda, whether it’s DreamWorks Animation or Illumination, or whether they’re doing it as live-action ; Who knows? We will come to this bridge when we get there.”