The Invincible season 2 poster announces the emergence of new allies

While the fans wait for more InvinciblePrime Video has unveiled the first poster for the second season of its critically acclaimed animated superhero series.

The poster hints at the return of Mark Grayson (aka Invincible), along with his companions and new allies. As well as putting all the characters together on a bus, the crowded new poster also hinted that “new episodes are coming soon”.

In the first season of “Invincible,” the 17-year-old protagonist (voiced by Steven Yeun) had to deal with the pressures of becoming a superhero and battled villains along the way. Expect an equally action-packed superhero story in Season 2.

While the official release date is still up in the air, creator Robert Kirkman previously revealed that Mark Grayson will face a new enemy known as Angstrom Levy – a villain with multiverse jumping abilities.

Invincible Season 2 is “Almost There”

Invincible follows young half-human, half-Viltrumite superhero Mark Grayson, son of omni-man Nolan Grayson (JK Simmons) and Debbie (Sandra Oh) as he begins to develop his own superpowers. However, his father proves to be far from the hero he thought he was, leaving audiences with a suspenseful conclusion to the first season. While more details about the second season are still unknown, fans can expect Mark Grayson to fight the Viltrum Empire – an evil organization led by his father – with the help of his other superhero friends.

In addition to Yeun, Oh and Simmons, the voice cast of Invincible also includes Seth Rogen as Allen the Alien, Gillian Jacobs as Atom Eve, Andrew Rannells as William Clockwell and Walton Goggins as Cecil Stedman. Zachary Quinto, Ross Marquand, Jason Mantzoukas, Malese Jow and Gray Griffin round out the voice cast for the new cast of Guardians of the Globe.

Below you can watch the previously released trailer for Invincible Season 2.