Suits Spin-off Gets a New Update From Producer

During an appearance at the U.K. industry conference Content London (via Variety), UCP executive Beatrice Springborn teased new details about the upcoming Suits spin-off, confirming it’s still currently being developed.

Springborn described the project as a “Suits L.A.” type of show, which is expected to take place “in the same timeframe.” She assured Suits fans that the spin-off would “have the same energy and good-looking people” as the original series.

“A lot of streamers are looking for ongoing series, things that feel easy to watch,” Springborn said regarding why Suits has been gaining interest. “Our show Suits is incredibly huge on Netflix. It is amazing-looking people in great clothes, but at the core of it, you can’t have a show that’s successful with just that. It has to have great storytelling and great character work. So how do you do something that can be ongoing, have a gloss to it, and be a continuing series that everyone wants?”

What is Suits?

Suits was created and executive produced by Aaron Korsh. It starred Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres, Gabriel Macht, Meghan Markle, Amanda Schull, Dulé Hill, Rick Hoffman, and Sarah Rafferty. The series centered around Adams’ Mike Ross, a college dropout who has an incredible photographic memory. Despite not graduating from law school, he managed to become the newest associate of attorney Harvey Specter, who was instantly impressed by his skills and knowledge.

According to Nielsen, the show’s Netflix and Peacock releases generated a combined 45 billion minutes of views. The audience’s renewed interest in Suits led NBCUniversal to partner with series creator Aaron Korsh for an untitled project set in the Suits universe.