Succession: Sarah Snook Reveals the Reason for Shiv’s Vote In the Series Finale

Succession star Sarah Snook has revealed why she thinks her character, Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, voted the way she did in the HBO series’ acclaimed finale.

Why did Shiv vote against Kendall in the Succession series finale?

In an interview with Variety, Snook was asked about her thoughts on why Shiv couldn’t vote against the Waystar/Gojo deal as Kendall had wanted her to in the Succession finale. The actress noted that she thinks it’s “pure instinct” that comes as a result of how Roman and Kendall previously pushed her out of their alliances.

“But I think it’s just pure instinct. I think it’s trigger response. It’s scratching an open wound that is always there with the siblings,” Snook explained. “And this was in the script in the big print — when she sees Kendall put his feet up on Dad’s desk? There’s something in her that goes like, ‘Ahhhhh!’ Sorry to swear, but ‘Motherfucker!’

“It’s just going to be the same as it always has been: I will always be pushed out. I was last time, when given assurances that I wouldn’t be. I don’t think she’s decided in that moment when they’re in Dad’s office to say no. But once it gets down to it in the room, she just can’t physically bear to say yes … I have to support my character, but Kendall digs his own grave in the following scene, when he’s lying about (killing) the kid and is just like ‘I’m the eldest son!’ — it’s all downhill from there for Kendall.”

Succession’s run is complete after four seasons and 39 episodes. The HBO drama has been met with universal acclaim, nabbing two Emmy wins for Outstanding Drama Series in 2020 and 2022.