Succession: Sarah Snook Breaks Down the Finale’s Final Fight

Sarah Snook, one of the star’s of HBO‘s Succession, broke down the final fight scene between the Roy siblings from the acclaimed show‘s series finale.

The Succession finale’s fight was originally a bit different

In an interview with Variety, Snook discussed filming the explosive final confrontation between the siblings and revealed that it was originally meant to primarily be between Shiv and Jeremy Strong’s character, Kendall.

“Originally, it was meant to be more between Shiv and Kendall who are fighting — potentially pulling a phone out, and throwing it at Kendall, and having it escalate like that,” Snook revealed. “We had a choreography rehearsal between Jeremy and I. And then on the day, I felt good about being able to advocate for myself, going, ‘Let’s just remember this is a fight scene that we haven’t really properly rehearsed that we’re sort of feeling out with a pregnant woman.’ I feel safe, but Jeremy doesn’t like to rehearse, and I’m going to respect that to a point — but I’m not going to keep my mouth shut when I’m pregnant and we’re going into a fight scene.

“But what ended up happening, which was far more honest and realistic to the scene, is that when Shiv goes to leave, Jeremy grabs my hand,” she continued. “Up until that point we’d rehearsed — but the instinct from Kieran (Culkin) as Kieran as much as it was from Roman is like, ‘Get your fucking hands off her. She’s pregnant!’ And then leaps on him. And so it really made sense, so much more sense, that she would just be like, ‘Whoa — it is just boys, like wrestling boys. This is again, childhood.’ So it ended up being fine in terms of my safety, and much better in terms of the scene.”

Succession’s run is complete after four seasons and 39 episodes. The HBO drama has been met with universal acclaim, nabbing two Emmy wins for Outstanding Drama Series in 2020 and 2022.