Succession: Kieran Culkin on whether Roman could reconcile with his siblings

successor star Kieran Culkin has shared his thoughts on whether or not Roman Roy might reconcile with his siblings after the series finale.

Would Roman reconcile with his siblings after the succession finale?

When talking to diversity, Culkin was asked if he thought the Roy siblings could reconcile after the explosive finale in which they split at the last second over the fate of the company. The actor was hopeful — at least from Roman’s point of view.

“I think Roman would be very willing to do that,” Culkin revealed. “But I have no idea! I think it’s great that there are different interpretations and different theories. I love this because all of these things can exist at the same time – so I think it’s great that it ended up where it was. It feels very much like the end, but it could be more. Because that could actually happen!

“I really want to see what happens with these characters. But I’m really content with the feeling of wanting more and knowing it’s over.”

After four seasons and 39 episodes, the series “Succession” has come to an end. The HBO drama garnered widespread acclaim, winning two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series in 2020 and 2022. Culkin has been nominated for two Emmy Awards for his performance as Roman Roy.