Strongest Jutsu in Naruto: Baryon Mode, Six Paths & More

The Tailed Beast Bomb, a signature move of tailed beasts like Kurama, gives off an unparalleled elemental onslaught. This colossal sphere of chakra carries raw, devastating power capable of destroying anything in its path. Also, its sheer magnitude and raw elemental fury make it a force that few can withstand on the battle ground. The mastery required to harness and wield the immense chakra of a tailed beast underscores the awe-inspiring might this jutsu possesses, turning the tide of battles with its amazing force.

Baryon Mode

Six Paths Sage Mode, an embodiment of mastery and prowess, stems from the fusion of Six Paths chakra and Sage Mode. This mode pushes the user’s physical powers, chakra manipulation, and sensory perception to unparalleled levels. By harnessing the essence of the Six Paths, the wielder attains heightened resilience and the ability to wield divine techniques. This also makes the wielder an never ending force. The mastery over this mode grants an individual access to the chakra of all tailed beasts, giving great power and growing their jutsu exponentially.