Sasha Calle discusses Supergirl’s future in the DC Universe and hopes to show her human side

Sasha Street hopes to continue playing Supergirl in the DC Universe.

Sasha Street hopes to continue playing Supergirl in the DC Universe.

The actress, who appeared on the soap opera The Young and the Restless, was cast as Kara Zor-El/Supergirl in her feature film debut in The Flash. Her performance as a character received positive reviews, including from Superman actor Henry Cavill. “I was really excited to meet him,” Calle said entertainment tonight about her on-screen cousin. “I thought, ‘What were you thinking? Did I make you proud?’ and he said yeah yeah It was in his own words; We obviously have a completely different jargon. He was very decent and kind and very delightful.”

When asked if she would like to reprise her role, Sasha Calle replied, “Absolutely, are you kidding me? I love her so much and I feel her very deeply. I think this film was the path to a better story for them.”

Calle spoke about wanting to delve more deeply into the human aspect of her character. “I just want to dig deeper into Kara and her feelings in everyday life. I would just like to see her in normal clothes, in human clothes. As a fan, I kept thinking throughout filming, ‘What would she wear? What glasses would she wear?’”

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