SAG series The Chosen: Jesus is getting the green light to conclude Season 4

The series centered on Jesus Christ The chosen ones has received the green light from SAG-AFTRA to continue filming its fourth season despite the ongoing strike.

Will The Chosen Season 4 Filming Finish During SAG Strike?

The official Twitter account of The Chosen has reported that the series has received an exemption from SAG allowing the series to complete its ongoing Season 4 filming. In a follow-up tweet, the account noted that production of The Chosen has agreed to honor all requests from SAG and their preliminary agreement, and that Season 4 is “completely independent and 100% funded by donations.”

Per TV linethe reasons why they were able to continue filming are listed in SAG FAQstating: “SAG-AFTRA intends, with respect to non-AMPTP independently produced content that falls within the scope of a strike order, to offer an interim agreement that would allow such productions to continue working during a strike, provided the producer agrees to abide by the terms that SAG-AFTRA requires of the AMPTP.”

You can read the tweets below:

The Chosen is a historical Christian drama centered on the life of Jesus Christ and the people with whom he interacted. It was created by Dallas Jenkins and stars Shahar Isaac, Jonathan Roumie, Elizabeth Tabish, Paras Patel, Noah James and George H. Xanthis.

“A charismatic fisherman struggling with debt,” reads the series synopsis. “A troubled woman fighting with demons. A gifted accountant who was excluded from his family and people. In this groundbreaking first season of The Chosen, see Jesus accomplish all of this and more as he performs his first miracles and begins his ministry to change the world. See him through the eyes of those who knew him.”