Rick and Morty: The Anime Teaser Trailer previews the series’ opening theme

“Hello. “I’m Sano, the director of Rick and Morty: The Anime,” Sano said. “And as a director, I want to assure you that I’m also a huge fan of the original Rick and Morty. I believe there are many Rick and Morty fans around the world. And I’m really honored to have been chosen to create a new Rick and Morty story out of all of them. But with that honor comes a lot of pressure because the original is just so well done What I wanted to achieve in these ten episodes is to condense all of my favorite moments from Rick and Morty to bring out their essence, and then add a unique Japanese twist.”

What do we know about Rick and Morty: The Anime?

There is also a reference to the original show’s theme music at the end of the teaser.