Pete Sampras Reveals Wife Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Has Ovarian Cancer

Pete Sampras took to social media this past week to reveal that his wife, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year and has been undergoing treatment since.

The news came via a statement that Sampras made to the ATP Tour, which shared the news on its official Twitter account. According to the statement, Sampras noted that while the pair are typically private, it has been “an exceptionally challenging time” for their family.

“As most have come to know, I am a pretty quiet and private person,” Sampras’ statement said. “However, this past year has been an exceptionally challenging time for my family and I have decided to share what’s been going on. Last December, my wife, Bridgette, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since then, she has had major surgery, pushed through chemotherapy and continues with targeted maintenance therapy.”

Sampras asks for thoughts and prayers, as well as support

Sampras went on to say that it’s been “hard” to see his wife go through this, but that everyone in the family has stepped up to help in the matter.

“It is hard to watch someone you love go through a challenge like this,” said Sampras’ statement. “However, seeing our boys step up and be such strong supports of Bridgette, myself and each other has been amazing. Watching Bridgette continue to be an incredible mom and wife through it all has been inspiring.”

“I have also learned that it is very hard to reach for support when something is simply too hard to talk about. With that said, I will end this by humbly asking for good thoughts and prayers for our family as Bridgette continues to thrive on her healing journey. Thank you.”

Wilson-Sampras began her acting career in 1992 and starred in a number of high-profile films, including Billy Madison, The Wedding Planner, and more. She is widely remembered as the first actor to play Sonya Blade on the big screen in Paul Anderson’s 1995 Mortal Kombat adaptation. Despite mixed reviews, the movie was popular with general audiences and fans of the games. Though she did not reprise the role for the 1997 sequel, Wilson-Sampras was immortalized as a Klassic MK Movie Skin Pack of the character featuring her likeness and voice in the 2019 release of Mortal Kombat 11.