One Piece: Strongest Seven Warlords of the Sea: Mihawk, Hancock & More

Kuma served as the previous king of Sorbet Kingdom, but later changed into a powerful pirate in the Revolutionary Army. His influence lies in the fact that he single-handedly tackled his enemies at times. Hence, he seals his membership amongst the most powerful Seven Warlords of the Sea. He was born a Buccaneer, hence his strength and power are unmatched. Kuma inherited his physical prowess from his giant father, Clapp, and began establishing his might from a tender age. 

Dracule Mihawk/Hawkeye

Moreover, Mihawk can go so far as to slice fleets and icebergs, and change a flying bullet’s direction with his sword! His involvement in events like Don Krieg’s powerful fleet and his encounter with Emperor Shanks remains historical. Hence, his every skill and feat add to his status as one of the strongest Shichibukai in One Piece.