Nicole Kidman A24 Series Margo’s Got Money Troubles Lands at Apple

The Nicole Kidman-led show Margo’s Got Money Troubles has found its home, as Apple has won the war for the drama series.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Margo’s Got Money Troubles has received an eight-episode, straight-to-series order from Apple following a bidding war between streamers. The novel that the show will be based on is set to be published by William Morrow — an imprint of HarperCollins publishers — this coming June.

“As the child of a Hooters waitress and an ex-pro wrestler, Margo’s always known she’d have to make it on her own,” reads the book’s description. “So she enrolls at her local junior college, even though she can’t imagine how she’ll ever make a living. She’s still figuring things out and never planned to have an affair with her English professor—and while their affair is brief, it isn’t brief enough to keep her from getting pregnant. Despite everyone’s advice, she decides to keep the baby, mostly out of naiveté and a yearning for something bigger.

“Now, at twenty, Margo is alone with an infant, unemployed, and on the verge of eviction. She needs a cash infusion—fast. When her estranged father, Jinx, shows up on her doorstep and asks to move in with her, she agrees in exchange for help with childcare. Then Margo begins to form a plan: she’ll start an OnlyFans as an experiment, and soon finds herself adapting some of Jinx’s advice from the world of wrestling. Like how to craft a compelling character and make your audience fall in love with you. Before she knows it, she’s turned it into a runaway success.”

Who is executive producing Margo’s Got Money Troubles?

Matthew Tinker will executive produce for David E. Kelley Productions alongside Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning, Brittany Kahan Ward (Lewellen Pictures), Kidman (Blossom Pictures), and Per Saari with author Thorpe for A24.