Nature’s Nightmares: Blumhouse is developing wildlife horror documentaries

Accordingly meetingBlumhouse Television is developing a brand new documentary series entitled nightmares of nature, producing natural history producer Plimsoll Productions. The project is not currently associated with any network or streamer.

“It’s only natural to be afraid of the things that happen at night, but Nightmares of Nature is not a projection of the supernatural. “Once you start dealing with the natural world, you will find things that are as terrifying as anything in a horror movie,” Plimsoll chief executive Alan Eyres said in a statement. “We couldn’t ask for a better collaborator than Blumhouse to tell this story. Combining the world’s greatest horror filmmakers with some of the world’s finest natural storytellers is a unique opportunity to create a more visceral, emotional approach to nature than anything we’ve seen before.”

What can you expect in “Nature’s Nightmares”?

Described as an animal horror documentary, Nightmares of Nature follows animal heroes as they struggle to survive the true horrors of nature. It is “a blend of nature films from a horror perspective.” Blumhouse is executive producing with Jason Blum, Chris McCumber and Gretchen Palek, along with Plimsoll’s Grant Mansfield, Alan Eyres, Tom Hugh-Jones and Martha Holmes.

The upcoming project won’t be Blumhouse’s first attempt at making a documentary series. The studio has produced crime documentaries including Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice (2019) for Oxygen, A Wilderness of Error (2020) for FX and Worst Roommate Ever (2022). for Netflix.