Naruto: Strongest Raikage, Ranked: Sandaime Raikage, Yondaime Raikage, & More

Sandaime Raikage is from the third-generation Raikage of the village. Also known as the strongest Raikage, ‘A’ has an ability that stems from a unique combination. The combination of taijutsu and ninjutsu is also acknowledged by the Eight-Tails. He has an incredibly hardy body that can withstand hits that would leave an ordinary shinobi defenseless. His phenomenal chakra and stamina enable him to race for three days and two nights, making his endurance remarkable. However, his weakness lies in his activation technique – the Hell Stabbing Technique, which allows him to move quickly before stabbing the enemy with his finger. His physical abilities are strengthened by the Lightning Chakra Mode.

Nidaime Raikage (Second Raikage- A)

Darui grew up in the Resistance and became an impressive shinobi with a high chakra pool and exceptional skills in kenjutsu and Black Lightning release, which he may have inherited from the Third Raikage. His versatility, intelligence, and the potent Lightning Release: Black Panther jutsu are the reasons for his outstanding performance. It is worth noting that Darui’s victory against the Gold and Silver Brothers solidified his position as part of the Raikage dynasty.