More abuse allegations against Jonathan Majors are emerging from “two dozen sources”.

Jonathan MajorsThe alleged abuse goes well beyond his recent ongoing legal troubles, according to a new report from Rolling Stone.

Jonathan MajorsThe alleged abuse goes well beyond his recent ongoing legal troubles, according to a new report from Rolling Stone.

In a lengthy investigation into Majors, Rolling Stone reports that Majors has been abusive in at least two previous relationships, including physical violence in a relationship. The report cites stories from more than two dozen different sources, with friends of one of Major’s ex-girlfriends claiming that his abuse eventually escalated to the point that he strangled his girlfriend. Other sources called the relationship Majors had with an ex-girlfriend “emotional torture.”

Majors’ attorney Dustin A. Pusch dismissed these claims on behalf of Majors, calling the claims “false” and “based solely on hearsay.” His legal team also reportedly sent Rolling Stone six testimonies from previous wives with whom Majors had either dated or been close to discuss Majors’ character. However, Rolling Stone noted that after reaching out to the six women, three women said they never gave the Majors team permission to release any statements, and another said her statement was pre-written and “not truthful”.

The Majors’ alleged problems also include behavior on set and at school

In addition to allegations of abuse in his romantic relationships, the report also cites various stories about Majors’ behavior on set. According to the report, Majors allegedly made members of the costume department cry during his time on the 2022 film Devotion, with one source calling the situation “borderline offensive” and another saying Majors seemed to enjoy the situations and said that he had “a kind of sick pleasure in it.

On the set of his upcoming film Magazine Dreams, Majors reportedly pushed one production staff member and physically intimidated another, prompting someone to complain about the actor. Major’s attorney denied those allegations, instead citing Major’s course of action, which the attorney said “can sometimes be misconstrued as rudeness.”

The study period at the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale was also put to the test. According to the report, the actor was known for his intense behavior at school and even got into “multiple” physical altercations with other people during the scenes. A graduate of the school said that people around him often “felt physically endangered”. Another noted that administrators once had to send out emails about rehearsal etiquette and violence after incidents involving majors.

The news comes at a time when Majors is facing three counts of third-degree assault, aggravated second-degree molestation, three counts of attempted third-degree assault and second-degree molestation. These stem from an incident in March in which he was accused of assaulting a 30-year-old woman. Police say Majors allegedly “slapped[the victim]in the face with an open hand, causing significant pain and a laceration behind her ear.” He also reportedly grabbed her hand and neck, ” resulting in bruising and significant pain.”

Majors’ defense attorney previously said Majors was “provenly innocent” and expects the charges to be dropped based on multiple witnesses and written objections from the victim, followed by a later claim that there was video evidence of Majors’ innocence.