Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 4 release date and time

The next day, Mash’s textbook is destroyed. Cavill continues to bully Mash by forcing him to do things for him, but Mash doesn’t mind. It turns out that Cavill ordered Finn to destroy Mash’s textbooks, and Finn finally says he doesn’t want to do that. Cavill injures Finn and Finn apologizes to Mash for what he did. Then Mash knocks Cavill unconscious. The Deputy Principal sees it and plans to expel Mash. However, Mash buries him in the ground.

When Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 4 comes out

For international viewers: Crunchy roll broadcasts the series simultaneously. The episode, with English subtitles, will be released an hour and a half after it aired in Japan. In the United States, that would be on Friday at the following times: