Mandy Moore once received a streaming residual check for a penny

“This Is Us” star Mandy Moore She recently went to the picket lines of the SAG-AFTRA strike and revealed that she had received some extremely small remaining checks.

What did Mandy Moore say about the This Is Us streaming residuals?

When talking to The Hollywood ReporterMoore explained how the nature of residuals has changed as streaming has become more prevalent and how she has received some very small residual checks.

“The remaining problem is a big problem,” Moore said from the picket line. “We’re incredibly fortunate as working actors, having worked on shows that have had tremendous success in one way or another…but many actors in our position have been able to live off balances, or at least pay their bills, for years ahead of us.”

As for the This Is Us streaming residents, Moore said she received checks for a dime or two.

“I spoke to my manager who said he received a balance of a penny and two pennies,” the actress revealed.

Mandy Moore starred in the popular NBC drama series This Is Us from 2016 to 2022. Her most famous roles include Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled, Lana Thomas in The Princess Diaries and Aerith Gainsborough in the first Kingdom Hearts video game.