Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal Return: ‘It’s Got to Happen Eventually Sooner Than Later’

While no concrete plans have yet been made, Mads Mikkelsen is confident a Hannibal return will happen sooner rather than later.

Speaking with Business Insider, Mikkelsen, who played Hannibal Lecter on NBC’s Hannibal, was asked if he had any conversations with series creator Bryan Fuller about a potential revival.

“It’s no secret that all of us who were part of the cast and Bryan, we all want to go back,” Mikkelsen said. “It’s got to happen eventually sooner than later because we’re not getting any younger, right? But the story itself can jump, it can have that gap, which is fine. So it’s all about finding a home for it, but that’s nothing concrete out there now. Why that’s the case? I don’t know. We love the show and there seem to be a lot of other people liking it as well. But then I got the chance to work with him on Dust Bunny, so I got a little whiff of the old times.”

Bryan Fuller has “a few ideas” for a Hannibal revival

Mikkelsen noted that Fuller already has “a few ideas” for a revival. “I can’t really reveal any, in case we do start, but I’m sure they made it somehow,” he added.

Hannibal premiered on NBC in April 2013. Running for three seasons, the series examined the unusual relationship between FBI special investigator Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and forensic psychiatrist Hannibal Lector, the latter of the two being a secret cannibal and serial killer known as the Chesapeake Ripper.

Widely beloved by horror fans, the series also starred Caroline Dhavernas, Hettienne Park, Laurence Fishburne, Scott Thompson, Aaron Abrams, and Gillian Anderson.

All three seasons of Hannibal are currently streaming on Prime Video and Shudder.

Dust Bunny, meanwhile, is a new horror thriller being written and directed by Fuller. Starring Mikkelsen, Sigourney Weaver, and David Dastmalchian, the movie follows a little girl who needs help killing a monster who lives underneath her bed. A release date for Dust Bunny has not yet been set.