Listen to an exclusive track from the Hawaii Five-O series soundtrack

ComingSoon is proud to present an exclusive title from Hawaii Five-O – Original Series Soundtrack, out July 7 digitally, featuring music by Brian Tyler and Keith Power. The Lakeshore Records album is a long-awaited compilation of the best original music from the ten seasons of the CBS series. Hawaii Five-O is available to stream on Paramount+. Listen to the track titled “I Remember” below.

“Hawaii Five-O has been a part of my life for many years and it has always been an honor and a pleasure to work with everyone on the team. I remember when Alex Kurtzman first mentioned that he was thinking about rebooting the show I watched as a kid, in reruns,” Tyler said. “I was like, ‘This is so awesome!'” and “I’m wondering how many episodes are we going to last?” We did our best and kind of got on board. Ten seasons later we were a family and the show had garnered more fans and popularity than we could have ever imagined.”


Hawaii Five-0 is a modern take on the classic series about an elite federal task force tasked with rooting out the crime that washes up on the islands’ sun-kissed beaches. Detective Steve McGarrett, a decorated Navy officer-turned-cop, returned to Oahu after Hawaii’s former governor persuaded him to lead the new team: its rules, no bureaucracy, and full authority to hunt down the city’s biggest “game.” to hunt.

Joining McGarrett are Detective Danny “Danno” Williams, a relocated former New Jersey cop who works to protect the islands for his children; Captain Lou Grover, formerly in charge of Hawaii’s SWAT unit; Jerry Ortega, the islands’ local conspiracy theorist; and Tani Rey, a brave police academy graduate. They are helped by Adam Noshimuri, a friend with old ties to a deadly crime family; Junior Reigns, a former SEAL who comes to McGarrett looking for a job; Kamekona, a local entrepreneur who has his finger on the island’s pulse; Sergeant. Duke Lukela, a trusted member of the HPD; and forensic pathologist Dr. Noelani Cunha. The state’s brazen Five-0 entity, capable of bickering and joking among themselves, remains determined to eliminate the shady elements from the 50th state.

title list

  1. Hawaii Five-0 Theme
  2. Return of the katana
  3. Saved (feat. Tori Letzler)
  4. Honolulu, 1884
  5. I remember
  6. drugs and torture
  7. Bombing Zeros
  8. Meet Gerard Hirsch
  9. Cruiser Chase
  10. Next they came for us
  11. honor your father
  12. hostage situation
  13. Man’s best friend
  14. Crazy Jerry
  15. Yo Ho Ho
  16. pure ice
  17. Meta world peace
  18. Kono’s escape
  19. APB
  20. A letter to Petty Officer Junior Reigns
  21. Where Fat Returns
  22. The murder of Kenji Toriyama
  23. drone attack
  24. A very bad habit
  25. It was a hot affair
  26. X marks the spot
  27. exhumation
  28. Kono lost at sea
  29. On the roof
  30. December 7, 1941
  31. Halloween in the Hawaiian Islands
  32. Hawaii Jive-0
  33. Chin and the Quarry Chase
  34. Adam is still in surgery
  35. Plantation Showdown
  36. couples therapy
  37. Aloha
  38. Danno’s Storytime