Listen to an Exclusive Track From Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Soundtrack

ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from Lawmen: Bass Reeves—Original Series Soundtrack with music by Chanda Dancy. Listen to the track “A Light In No Man’s Land” below. Lakeshore Records is set to release Lawmen: Bass Reeves—Original Series Soundtrack digitally on November 10 and is available to preorder.

The evocative orchestral score sets the stage for the highly-anticipated Paramount+ series produced by Taylor Sheridan. Starring David Oyelowo, Lauren E. Banks, Demi Singleton, Forrest Goodluck, Barry Pepper, Donald Sutherland, and Dennis Quaid, this anthology series unveils the untold story of legendary lawman Bass Reeves, streaming on Paramount+ in the U.S. and internationally. Follow Reeves’ remarkable journey from enslavement to becoming the first Black U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi. With over 3,000 outlaws arrested, he grappled with the moral and spiritual burdens of the badge on his family. LLawmen: Bass Reeves is the first of a series highlighting iconic lawmen and outlaws who shaped history.

Listen to “A Light in No Man’s Land” below:


“The story of Bass Reeves is an epic tale of a great American hero of justice that is finally getting told far and wide,” says Dancy. “He was a bright and shining light in a dark and difficult time, and his legacy gives us hope and inspiration to be a light ourselves. In creating the score for Lawmen: Bass Reeves, I was inspired by this very sense of hope and light. With grand, sweeping melodies, syncopated rhythms and tactile orchestral colors, the score tells the story of Bass’s journey from the pain of enslavement to becoming what Taylor Sheridan himself described to me during our first meeting: ‘A Light In No Man’s Land.”

Track List

01. A Light In No Man’s Land

02. The Battle At Pea Ridge

03. No Celebrations On Return

04. Jenny And Bass

05. Bass Was Cheated – On The Run

06. The Crow’s Scraps

07. Meeting Curtis

08. Sarah Offers Home – Learning The Ways

09. Trading Post – 1865

10. Hell Comes To The Trading Post

11. Curtis The Brave

12. The Skies Over A Free Man’s Head

13. Burning Crops

14. Deputy U.S. Marshal

15. Let It Shine

16. Prayer For The Dead

17. Found Charlie

18. Wolves

19. Hush Now

20. Found Billy

21. Montgomery Wants The Money

22. Empty Boots

23. Delivering Billy

24. Tell Us A Story

25. Billy The Killer