Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuta Okkotsu Abilities, Ranked

Even though he had a hard time dealing with the cursed energy at first, Yuta became one of the series’ best adepts in no time. His high precision leads to a variety of uses for the cursed energy. This precision allows his body defense to advance with negative chakra elements. Yuta manipulates this energy later with pinpoint accuracy in the battle. It helps him deceive the opponents with an air of uncertainty on top of his formidable skill repertoire.

Reverse Cursed Technique

Reverse Cursed Technique is a jujutsu that Yuta employs. It is more of an intricate art, as shown in the show. It requires two negatives to become positive by increasing their frequencies. This beneficial energy entails both the curative power and the power of creation. Yuta has mastered this fantastic technique as he demonstrated the capability to release this positive energy on his own. He demonstrated this dexterity by healing Itadori Yuji and also by slaying the powerful special-grade cursed spirit named Kurourushi.