Judge rules Kevin Costner’s wife must leave home while divorce is pending

an update in Kevin Costners A judge ruled that Costner’s wife’s claims that Costner was trying to force her out of the home were invalid.

Costner and his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, who filed for divorce from Costner last month citing “irreconcilable differences,” disagreed at their divorce hearing over a number of issues, including how Costner’s proposed child support should be paid whether Baumgartner would have to vacate the family home or not.

According to a new ruling (via TMZ) a judge has ruled that a provision in the couple’s marriage contract that gives Baumgartner a certain number of days to vacate the family’s palatial California estate is in effect. Baumgartner previously agreed to leave the home on the condition that Costner agree to pay $248,000 a month in child support.

Baumgartner now has to vacate the house by July 31, a date her lawyers believe is far too soon. They asked for an extension of the deadline to August 15, which the judge refused, saying the arguments were “unfounded.”

TMZ also reported that a hearing on the validity of the couple’s marriage contract is scheduled for November. Should the judge rule that the prenup should be enforced, Baumgartner would have to return the money Costner received and pay Costner’s legal fees during the hearings.

“Kevin’s statement … that I refused to move out is simply not true,” Baumgartner said in their most recent divorce statement. “Since the beginning of this divorce, I have repeatedly told Kevin (both directly and through an attorney) that I would be moving out once a child support order or agreement is in place. And I have taken steps to demonstrate my commitment to this by researching the housing options available.”