John Amos shuts down fundraiser after hospitalization and refuses donations

After publicly denouncing allegations of elder abuse earlier this month, the actor John Amos has suspended a fundraiser held in his honor.

Earlier this month, daughter Shannon Amos started a GoFundMe page for her dad. In the description for GoFundMeShannon mentioned that earlier in the year she received a call from John telling her he was in intensive care at the hospital. Shannon further noted that she then discovered that Amos had been “a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation.”

No details were given as to what type of abuse was committed against Amos and who committed it. Instead, Shannon mentioned that a “carer” was at fault and that she’s been in touch with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the local sheriff’s department on the matter. GoFundMe was created to help Shannon prosecute those involved.

However, the fundraiser is no longer available online. According to a recent report by TMZ, a GoFundMe spokesperson, John Amos, declined the funds.

“It is our top priority to ensure donors’ intentions are respected,” a GoFundMe spokesperson told TMZ. “However, when we were informed that Mr. Amos wished to decline the funds raised on his behalf, GoFundMe was reviewed by our Trust & Safety team and then removed from our platform.”

The fundraiser raised $13,000 from 300 different people. That money will be returned to donors, says GoFundMe.

What did John Amos say about the allegations of elder abuse?

in one Statement to TMZ Earlier this month, Amos called his daughter’s claim an outright lie. Not only is he not being abused, Amos said, but he’s “not fighting for his life in the hospital.” Amos also said he has no idea why his daughter started GoFundMe.

A representative for Amos, Belinda Foster, explained that Amos’ hospitalization was due to his lower body filling up and causing heart problems. Foster claimed doctors drained the fluid and Amos is starting to feel better.

Amos is best known for his role as the adult Kunta Kinte in the legendary mini-series Roots, but has also starred in numerous other shows and films. These include Good Times, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The West Wing, Die Hard 2, and Coming to America.