Joaquin Phoenix wants to reunite with Spike Jonze for the Netflix series

director Spike Jonze hasn’t directed a feature film since 2013’s Her, but according to a recent report, the director is working on a Netflix series he could star in Joaquin Phoenix.

Spike Jonze is reportedly working on a sci-fi series

Details about the series first appeared in a report from puck last year, which hinted that Jonze has been “quietly” working on a series for Netflix that it’s described as “lavish”. The report mentions that the series hasn’t been announced yet, but there is a writers room.

In a separate report by What’s on Netflix?They note that the project will be a limited series in the science fiction genre. Additionally, they point out that Jonze is reportedly writing and directing the project, which is said to be “on track to become one of the most expensive series in Netflix history.”

The report went on to say that Phoenix is ​​being considered for the project and has been offered the lead role in it should he choose to do so. If Phoenix agrees, the cast will be reunited with the director who just so happened to have worked together on Jonze’s last directing work on Her.

According to insiders DanielRPKJonze is also working on an animated series for Netflix, but it has no relation to the sci-fi series.