Jamie Foxx speaks out for the first time since his medical problem

Jamie Foxx has spoken out for the first time since his “medical complication” in April, thanking fans and friends in a video.

Jamie Foxx has spoken out for the first time since his “medical complication” in April, thanking fans and friends in a video.

Foxx thanked his fans and friends for the well wishes

Foxx was first hospitalized on April 12 after suffering what his family described as a “medical complication.” Although little is known about what happened, Foxx is said to have been communicating with his family at the time of his hospitalization.

In a three-minute video posted to his official Instagram account, Foxx thanked everyone for their well wishes and love. Sand explained that he didn’t provide an update sooner because he didn’t want people to see him in the state he’s in.

“I know a lot of people have been waiting or wanting to hear updates, but to be honest, I just didn’t want you to see me like that, man,” Foxx said. “I want you to see me laugh, have fun, party, crack a joke, do a movie or TV show. I didn’t want you to see my hoses running out of me and I’m trying to see if I can make it.”

Foxx continued to praise his family for their role in his recovery, particularly his younger sister Deidra Dixon and daughter Corinne Foxx, who had been protective of him throughout his recovery.

“To you, God, many great medical professionals, I can leave you this video,” Foxx said. “I can’t tell you how great it feels to have your family be a part of this and you all know they kept everything under wraps, they didn’t let anything out, they protected me and I hope that everyone can have that in moments like this.”

Foxx also said he knew his absence and lack of comment had led to much speculation as to what happened to him. In the video, he joked that he wasn’t blind or paralyzed, jokingly moving his eyes and arms to show he was fine. However, he said that he has been “to hell and back” and that his road to recovery has “some bumps” but that he is “coming back” and is “fit for work”.

He ended the video by once again professing his love to those who wished him well and saying he hopes people will remember him for the movies he makes – good and bad – the songs he sings and the jokes he makes.

“As you can see, the eyes are working, the eyes are working quite well,” Foxx said. “I’m not paralyzed, but… I’ve been through hell and back, and there have been some potholes on my road to recovery as well. But I’ll come back and I can work… I love everyone and I love all the love I’ve gotten… From now on if you see me outside and bursting into tears every now and then it’s just because it’s been hard man. I was sick man. But now I’ve got my legs under me, so you’re gonna take me out.”