Ink Master Season 15 Episode 9 Clip Previews Tomorrow’s Episode

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Ink Master Season 15 Episode 9 clip from tomorrow’s episode of the tattoo competition series. The new episode is set to debut on Paramount+ on Wednesday, December 13.

The second to last episode of the season features the top four artists as they select the subjects and their competitors’ tattooing style for their next challenge.

You can check out the Ink Master Season 15 Episode 9 clip on YouTube below (watch more trailers):


What happens in Ink Master Season 15?

“In the new season of Ink Master, 15 new artists enter the shop to battle in the ultimate tattoo competition, where they will compete in grueling Flash Challenges and epic Elimination Tattoos in hopes of walking away with $250,000 and the title of ‘Ink Master,’” reads the new season’s synopsis.

Ink Master first began airing in 2012. Prior to the new season’s debut, there have been 14 seasons and a massive total of 196 episodes. In the series, a variety of different judges rate different tattoo artists who compete through different challenges to prove themselves.