How to Become a Cult Leader trailer previews the series narrated by Peter Dinklage

The trailer too How to become a cult leader gives a preview of what’s to come Netflix Original narrated by Peter Dinklageand starts on July 28th. The six-part documentary is the second installment in the streamer’s “How To” saga How to become a tyrant.

Check out the How To Become A Cult Leader trailer below:


What to expect from becoming a cult leader

The documentation is “disguised as a guide to capture a loyal following of a cult,” according to the official synopsis. “It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the rise of six famous herd leaders.” Specific cult leaders were not disclosed. But according to the trailer, Heaven’s Gate, Jonestown and the Manson Family are likely themes.

The series is executive produced by Jonas Bell Pasht, Jonah Bekhor, Peter Dinklage, David Ginsberg and Jake Laufer.