Heels Season 2 Trailer Announces Return of Starz Wrestling Show

The official heels The second season trailer for the upcoming return of Starz’ wrestling drama has been released, giving a sneak peek at the next installment. The second season premiere is scheduled for July 28th.

The video continues to shed light on the sibling rivalry between Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig’s characters Jack and Ace, with Ace leaving the league after being humiliated by Jack in the final season. It also shows Jack grappling with his personal issues while planning the next big thing for the Duffy Wrestling League.

Check out the trailer for Heels season 2 below (watch more trailers):


What can you expect from Heels season 2?

“Season two begins after a spectacular performance at the South Georgia State Fair and the popularity of the Duffy Wrestling League suddenly soars,” reads the log line. “Hoping to capitalize on the opportunity, Jack and his colleagues are preparing for a potential deal with a new streaming service that could propel them onto the national stage. But the past and its tragedies threaten to mess things up when Ace leaves Duffy and the Dome in his rear view while Gully, the vengeful Florida Wrestling Dystopia frontman, comes to visit.”

“Heels” was written and created by Michael Waldron, with showrunner Mike O’Malley. “The series tells the story of the men and women who pursue their dreams in the world of small-town pro wrestling,” reads the synopsis. “Set in a close-knit Georgia community, the film follows a family-owned wrestling promotion as two brothers and rivals fight over their late father’s inheritance.

It stars Stephen Amell, Alexander Ludwig, Alison Luff, Mary McCormack, Kelli Berglund, Allen Maldonado, two-time Super Bowl champion James Harrison, AEW star CM Punk and Chris Bauer.

Waldron, O’Malley, Peter Segal, LBI Entertainment’s Julie Yorn, Christopher Donnelly and Patrick Walmsley are executive producing on “Heels.” The show is produced by Lionsgate TV for Starz in association with Paramount Television Studios.