FX’s Alien Series Production Begins Without SAG-AFTRA Cast Members

Accordingly meetingproduction up fxis imminent extraterrestrial The series has officially started in Thailand without a SAG-AFTRA cast member. Due to the ongoing actors’ strike, three of its actors, including lead actor Sydney Chandler (“Don’t Worry Darling”), were unable to film the project. However, ‘The End of the F*cking World’ actor Alex Lawther, who was chosen to play the male lead in the sci-fi thriller, has started filming his scenes in Thailand as he is under British equity.

The outlet notes that the shooting schedule for the Alien series has been revised to delay the participation of the SAG-AFTRA actors. Before the actors’ strike began, the project was already four months in pre-production and was unaffected by the writers’ strike, as all the scripts were ready before May.

Who is the cast of the Alien series?

The untitled Alien series was written and directed by Noah Hawley. Chandler and Lawther are joined by Samuel Blenkin as Boy Cavalier, Essie Davis (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) as Dame Silvia, and Adarsh ​​Gourav (The White Tiger) as Slightly. Further plot details are still being kept secret, but it was reportedly being developed as a prequel story set before the Sigourney Weaver-directed films.

It will be the first alien story set on Earth. According to Hawley, the series will delve into the more grounded aspects of the franchise. The director also addressed the involvement of Weyland-Yutani – the massive corporation found in almost every alien estate – and how he plans to deliver a series that both captures the action-horror aspect of the alien franchise and explores other themes established in the world.

The project is executive produced by Hawley, Ridley Scott and Dana Gonzales, and produced by Chris Lowenstein. In addition to the upcoming FX series, 20th Century Studios will also be releasing a brand new installment in the Alien franchise, directed by Fede Álvarez, titled Alien: Romulus.