Futurama & Fortnite Crossover Revealed by Epic Games

Epic Games has announced the animated comedy series futurama will transition with the hugely popular battle royale video game Fortnite.

Probably to celebrate the return of Futurama and the new season arriving on Hulu, a tweet from the game official confirmed that the series produced by Matt Groening is merging with Fortnite Twitter account captioned “ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD 7.26.23.” The short clip shows Futurama’s Hypnotoad on a big screen in Mega City – a location that’s part of the game’s big map. The Planet Express ship then crashes into the screen as in the series’ opening credits.

A Video with a thumbnail of Futurama x Fortnite scheduled to go live on July 26 at 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET has also been removed, meaning more information on the nature of the crossover will be revealed soon enough.


What is Futurama about?

“After a brief 10-year hiatus, Futurama has emerged triumphant from the cryotube with a full original cast and satirical spirit,” reads the latest season’s synopsis. “There is something for everyone in the ten brand new episodes of the eleventh season. New viewers can read the series from here, while long-time fans discover the aftermath of decades of mysteries – including the developments in Fry and Leela’s epic love story, the mysterious contents of Nibbler’s litter box, the secret history of the evil robot Santa, and the whereabouts of Kif and Amy’s tadpoles. Meanwhile, the city is gripped by a whole new pandemic as the crew explores the future of vaccines, bitcoin, abort culture and streaming TV.”