Funko Launches Personalized Pop! Yourself Toys Online

Funko has revealed the new Pop! Yourself line, which allows fans to have a collectible of themselves that reflects their looks and interests.

What is Pop! yourself?

Previously available in Funko’s two physical stores in Everett, WA and Hollywood, CA, Pop! Yourself lets you create a Funko Pop based on your own appearance. After becoming an incredibly popular feature of the physical stores, you can now have one made of yourself for $30 on Funko’s official website. Alongside the look of the collectible, you can also pick an accessory for it to hold to represent your interests and personality.

“Launching on our Funko e-commerce site is the next logical step in bringing Pop! Yourself to our legions of fans and customers,” Dave Bere, vice president of Pop! Yourself stated. “We’re celebrating our fans by putting them at the focal point of their own stories, preserving graduations, birthdays, baby reveals and more with a touch of Pop! magic!”

Check out the gallery of photos below:

  • Pop! Yourself
  • Pop! Yourself
  • 1692988643 653 Funko Launches Personalized Pop Yourself Toys Online | HarrisonFordstar
  • Pop! Yourself
  • 1692988643 325 Funko Launches Personalized Pop Yourself Toys Online | HarrisonFordstar

Alongside launching that online, a new Funko rewards program was also launched by the company, providing fans with exclusive bonuses like fan experiences, discounts, sweepstakes and exclusive Funko merchandise. The press release states that the program will also “continue to evolve” as time goes on.