Follow-up spin-off series at HBO unlikely despite “some discussion”.

The hit HBO series successor should end this weekend. However, despite the series’ tremendous popularity success, there are no plans for a new season or spin-off of any kind.

HBO drama director Francesca Orsi narrated meeting There are no plans for a fifth season after Sunday’s series finale. She mentioned “some talks” about a spin-off series, but there’s no real movement right now.

“No, not at this time,” Orsi said. “I know there’s been some spin-off talk, but no, not at all.”

When further asked about the possibility of spin-offs, Orsi said she would never say never for now. However, based on what she has heard, there is no intention of developing any future series based on the TV series.

“I’ll never say never, but my instinct is, and based on a number of conversations about the development of Succession and these characters, there are no intentions to spin off a single character at this time,” Orsi said. “Jesse, if he does another series, I think it will be totally original. Whether it’s IP based or not, I’m not sure, but it’s going to be a new show, a whole new idea.”

What is succession about?

Succession tells the story of the Roy family – Logan Roy and his four children – who control one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world. The series follows their lives as they plan for a future without their father.

“In season four, the sale of media conglomerate Waystar Royco to tech visionary Lukas Matsson draws ever closer,” reads the season synopsis. “The prospect of this disastrous sale causes existential anxiety and family divisions for the Roys as they envision what their lives will be like once the deal is finalized.” A power struggle ensues as the family ponders a future in which their cultural and political weight is severely limited.”

The series stars Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Alan Ruck, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook, Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen, J. Smith-Cameron, Peter Friedman, David Rasche, Fisher Stevens, Hiam Abbass, Cherry Jones, Alexander Skarsgård and Stephen Root with and more.

The Emmy-winning series is created and executive produced by showrunner Jesse Armstrong. Additional executive producers are Adam McKay, Frank Rich, Kevin Messick, Jane Tranter, Mark Mylod, Tony Roche, Scott Ferguson, Jon Brown, Lucy Prebble, Will Tracy and Will Ferrell.