Fionna & Cake Showrunner Teases Adventure Time Duo’s Appearance

During a recent interview with Inverse, Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake showrunner Adam Muto confirmed Max’s upcoming spin-off will feature fan-favorite duo Finn and Jake. Muto teased that fans will definitely receive an update about what Finn and Jake have been up to after the original series concluded its ten-season run last 2018.

“We do still kind of show a snapshot of them where they’re at,” Muto said, “because it didn’t make sense to not show them at all. And we also want to see what the contrast is between Finn and Jake and Fionna and Cake’s dynamic. So, yeah, expect to see some versions of them.”

Who’s involved in Fionna & Cake?

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake will be led by fearless sword-wielding adventurer, Fionna, along with her magical best friend and talking cat, Cake. It features the voices of Madeleine Martin, Roz Ryan, Tom Kenny, Andrew Rannells, Donald Glover, Kayleigh Mckee, Sean Rohani, and others. It hails from executive producer and showrunner Adam Muto, with Cartoon Network Studios set as its production studio.

“Set in the land of Ooo, the series follows the alternate universe versions of Finn & Jake on a multiverse-hopping journey towards self-discovery,” reads the synopsis. “When Fionna and her sidekick Cake find themselves in the crosshairs of a powerful new foe, they have no choice but to seek the help of former Ice King Simon Petrikov. With appearances from Marshall Lee, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Princess Bubblegum, and Finn the Human, it transports fans of the classic series to worlds both familiar and alien.”

The titular characters first appeared during the original series’ third season, where they were introduced as alternate versions of Finn and Jake. They were created by the Ice King through the fan-fiction stories he wrote. The duo appeared in three more episodes and were also mentioned throughout the series’ run.