Elite Season 8 to End Netflix’s Hit Spanish Teen Drama

Ahead of its seventh season premiere this Friday, Netflix has announced that its popular Spanish teen drama Elite will conclude its run with the upcoming eighth and final season.

Series creator Carlos Montero has released a statement (via Deadline), addressing the show’s impending end with Season 8, which is now currently in production.

“We are shooting the eighth season, which will be the last season of Élite,” Montero said. “We ended on a high note. Jaime (Vaca, co-showrunner for season 7), Netflix and I thought it was time to end it. I say this with great regret because it’s been several incredible years in which I’ve met wonderful actors, we’ve worked with all the directors we wanted to work with and we’ve had the luxury of having Maribel these last two seasons. Élite changed everyone’s life, there are actors who started with us and it has been their springboard to be now world stars, it is happening to this cast and it is a pride to have contributed to that and to know that they have seen us all over the world and liked it.”

What is Elite?

Elite centers around Las Encinas, the most exclusive school in the country, where the elite sends their children to study. It is created by Carlos Montero (The Mess You Leave Behind) and Jaime Vaca (Cable Girls). Season 8 is being directed by Daniel Barone, Ginesta Guindal, Jota Linares and Elena Trapé. Joining the show in its final installment are new cast members Ane Rot (Killer Book Club) and Nuno Gallego (UPA Next), along with the return of Mina el Hammani as Nadia. Further details about Season 8’s plot and target release date are still being kept under wraps.

“In Season 7, Omar is living a new life at the university and far away from Las Encinas, but he is unable to move on. The guilt he feels for Samuel’s death and the suffering from that period are still very much present, leading him to undergo therapy. Thanks to an internship, he decides to return to the school where everything happened to confront his demons face to face. Through Omar’s journey we will discover that the rest of the students are also silently battling their own hells.”

The series currently stars André Lamoglia, Valentina Zenere, Ana Bokesa, Álvaro de Juana, Ander Puig, Nadia Al Saidi, Álex Pastrana, and Carmen Arrufat. Season 7 is also welcoming seven new characters played by Mirela Balić, Maribel Verdú, Gleb Abrosimov, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Fernando Líndez, Omar Ayuso, and award-winning singer Anitta.