Drake photographed during the performance of Donald Glover’s ‘This is America’

On the opening night of drakes The rapper did some trials with the rapper/singer/actor/director on the It’s All a Blur tour Donald Glover for his song “This is America”.

What did Drake say about Donald Glover?

As Drake performed his 2011 hit “Headlines,” a ticker began scrolling lyrics above and below him on stage, scrolling through various fake headlines. One of them, as fans discovered at the show, read: “The over-hyped and highly awarded hit song ‘This is America’ was originally a Drake Diss record.”

Even though the shot looks like it came out of nowhere, the caption is true. Earlier this year, Glover – who sang the song as Childish Gambino – said GQ that the idea for This is America actually started as a dissident from Drake.

“To be perfectly honest, ‘This is America’ (the lyrics) — that’s all we had except that line,” Glover said. “It started out as a Drake dissident, to be honest, as a fun way to do it. But then I thought to myself: That sounds pretty difficult. So I thought, let me play with it.”

While Glover seemed to laugh at the thought of slurring Drake, it seemed like Drake didn’t find it that funny, and the extremely perceptive artist made sure to incorporate it into his tour.