Disney, Fox, Warner Bros. to Launch Joint Sports Streaming Service

Three sports giants are coming together to form their own streaming app, with Variety reporting that Fox Corp., Warner Bros. Discovery, and Disney are partnering to launch a new streaming venture.

The new venture will put all three companies sports assets under a single roof, and will see brands like ESPN, TNT, and Fox Sports all co-exist under one standalone app. The move will also undoubtedly shake up the entire sports world, especially on cable television, where a majority of sports broadcasts are currently shown.

No release information available on the new venture

As of now, not too much is known about the joint venture, although Variety does note that the service is expected to debut sometime in the fall. No name, pricing structure, or exact information about what sports will be available have been confirmed yet.

Under the agreement, each company would own a third of the new venture and license out their sports content via a non-exclusive agreement.

Currently, each company has their own respective sports streaming services (ESPN’s ESPN+, for example, allows for specific streaming of content), although it’s unknown what will happen to those when this new product launches.